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The Lee Ungno Residence in Paris provides a studio space and participatory programs for Daejeon-based upcoming artists who would like to hone their understanding of international art trends and explore new sources of inspiration.

Jointly operated by the Lee Ungno Foundation in France and the Goam Arts & Culture Foundation in Daejeon, the Lee Ungno Residence in Paris hosts three artists each year from August to October. Selected artists stay at the residence in the Goam Cultural Heritage Complex, located in Vaux-sur-Seine near Paris, and are given the opportunity to interact with Lee’s immediate family (Mrs. Park In-kyung and Mr. Lee Young-Sé). Artists in residence are also given support to experience the European art scene and introduce their artworks to art critics, museum professionals and art dealers in Paris. In so doing, the artists can create a space of cultural exchange between Paris and Daejeon.

The Lee Ungno Residence in Paris welcomes the artists who wish to transcend boundaries and engage in diverse types of artistic experimentation to apply for residency.



#157, Dunsan-daero, Seo-gu, Daejeon, 35204, South Korea / Tel : 042) 611-9800 / Fax : 042) 611-9819