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Art Lab

□ Purpose of establishment

Since 2017, the Lee Ungno Museum has provided exhibition space for young Daejeon-based artists representing all genres (painting, sculpture, installation art, media art, performance, etc.) who focus on experimental creation through visual art. Art Lab Daejeon aims to establish an original yet systematic world of sculptural/plastic arts and foster students that share Lee Ungno’s artistic philosophy. Young artists are encouraged to apply for private (individual) exhibitions, which are held on a monthly basis in the M2 Project Room at the Lee Ungno Museum.

□ Facility introduction
M2 Project Room

The M2 Project Room is a white cube measuring approximately 12 m2. It is the first-floor project room in the Lee Ungno Museum’s newly constructed conservation building(M2).

□ Schedule
  • March: Facility opening, designation of six artists/managers (open contest, PPT screening)
  • June-November: Private exhibitions
  • December: Finalizing of Art Lab Daejeon, publication of catalogue



#157, Dunsan-daero, Seo-gu, Daejeon, 35204, South Korea / Tel : 042) 611-9800 / Fax : 042) 611-9819