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Past Exhibitions

2019 아트랩대전 : 8월의 작가 카일킴

The Foggy Night is a film-based series of fine art color landscape photographs that were inspired by New Topographics and focus on the San Francisco Bay Area. ‘New Topographics’ means ‘Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape’ and is not clearly divided the boundary between nature and human beings. He started to analyze the structures, spaces (and places) and the systems that shape our lives and our landscapes and he focused on the area where we live at the interface of nature and culture.


This body of work is about the uncommon beauty of the urban landscape on foggy nights. The various color and lights appear one by one in the night scenes. He accidentally stumbled upon these elements, and it was like being transported into another world. The world moves slower with fog and lots of things disappear into the darkness. If it was film, he saw one of the great scenes and It is within this landscape that he has found solace and peace within himself as his camera turns to the unusual attractiveness of the night.

He is setting the stage for an imagined story. At night, most of the frame is black, and that works for him aesthetically. All of that darkness and negative space helps to focus and isolate the subject. The fog soaks into the color of the artificial lights and transforms it. Due to the continued transformation, the night lights never disappoint
him as they show a different face with each visit, revealing their strange elegance. As viewers explore the work, he hopes for them to experience the unique beauty and activate people’s imagination and curiosity in the foggy night. 



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