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Past Exhibitions

2020 이응노미술관 소장품전 <예술가의 방>

Reunion with Leeungno in the space-times of past and present


An artist’s studio is the source of his or her artistic inspiration, which penetrates the artist’s life as well as the spaces in which his or her artworks are created. For Lee Ungno, who left behind the stable lifestyle and social status he enjoyed in the Korean art community to move to Paris because he wanted to “try something new,” his atelier was not merely a physical space for creating artworks but rather the source of all of his creative energies.


The Artist’s Room exhibition, which groups Lee’s artworks throughout the exhibition space based on theme, offers a modern reproduction of the unique atmosphere of Lee’s atelier, recreated in the museum in collaboration with Daejeon-based artists. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to discover the influence that the physical environment of Lee’s atelier had on his art. Visitors will also be able to gain an intuitive understanding of the nature of Lee’s artistic world by coming into contact with his works and personal effects representing past and present time- spaces. This exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to experience Lee’s passion for creation and the challenges he undertook so frequently and so fearlessly to create a “formative language” that shifts its focus away from Paris, the center of European art, to a sculptural language that embodies an Eastern cultural identity.

Artist’s Room recreates the atmospheres of several of Ungno’s studiosfrom the Goam Academy (Academy of Oriental Painting in Paris), the birthplace of Eastern art in Paris, to Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, where Lee experimented with diverse materialsusing objects that reflect Lee Ungno’s expansive artistic world, which encompassed both the East and West. This exhibition is particularly unique in that it allows visitors to directly experience the sources of artistic inspiration for artist Lee Ungno, who accepted European modernism while also consistently expressing his own artistic philosophy rooted in Eastern culture.


The reconstruction of Lee’s atelier, the most important part of this exhibition, was completed in collaboration with the “128 Art Project,” a Daejeon-based artist group that is known for its unique artistic sensibilities and skills representing diverse genres of culture and the arts. Through this collaboration, the Lee Ungno Museum offers a stylish reenactment of Lee Ungno’s artist’s studio, the spatial structure of which is inspired by the Goam Seobang, Bauhaus (a genre of European design), and art deco.





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