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Future Exhibitions

Together : 세상과 함께 산다는 것

Lee Ungno broke through into a new genre after proving his mettle in the calligraphic arts. His depictions of nature went beyond realism to reflect the conflicts that occur between art and life (the medium and the outside world) as well as the dialogues and possibilities for coexistence to which such conflicts can lead. Abstraion and People are both outcomes of Lee’s caliber and open-mindedness coming into close contact with contemporary European art. 

In 1958, after 30 years of exposure to the Western abstract movement and extensive experimentation with genre and materials, Lee coined the term “revolution of tools” to stress Korea’s need for a modern aesthetic that transcends preconceived notions of what a genre should be or how it should be presented. Lee’s artistic world was propped up by two pillars: his dedication to creative pursuit and his constant questioning of the medium being worked with. 


The artists featured in “Together: Living Together in This World” are now members of the older generation—those familiar with and who understand the laws of society and are more inclined to submit to them rather than protest. The exhibition, which displays the creations of seasoned artists who are no longer young, asks us how those living in the 21st century should understand the thoughts and experiences of the artists of today.



#157, Dunsan-daero, Seo-gu, Daejeon, 35204, South Korea / Tel : 042) 611-9800 / Fax : 042) 611-9819

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