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The Academy of Oriental Painting in Paris

The Academy of Oriental Painting in Paris is

An Eastern painting institute co-founded in 1964 at the Cernuschi Museum by Lee Ungno and V. Elisseeff, Director of the Cernuschi Museum, with the support of Jacques Lassaigne, former president of the French branch of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA); many renowned painters such as Hans Hartung, Pierre Soulages, Fujita, Zao Wou-ki, Chang Da-Chien, and Mei Thu; and such influential figures as art critic Alvard, historian J. Keim, philosopher K. Tchang, and linguist Lee Hee-seng.

V. Elisseeff wrote in the handbook of the Academy, “I learned the charm and gracefulness of Eastern painting through books. Now, we have the opportunity to learn painting with ink and brush on paper, and that experience leads us to a deeper insight into Eastern art.”

The Academy of Oriental Painting in Paris was the first European institute dedicated to Eastern painting, and Lee Ungno was its first Korean painter, teaching Eastern art in Europe. In continuation of Lee’s Goam Studio in Seoul, the Academy played an essential role in expanding the presence of the Korean spirit and culture in European art, where there had previously been little understanding of Korean culture.

After Lee’s death, his wife, Park Inkyung, his son, Lee Yoongse, and his pupils took on his artistic spirit, preserving his legacy through their teaching at the Academy. More than three thousand students have studied there.

The Academy is seeking accreditation by the French government as an official institute of Eastern painting. Now more than fifty years old, the Academy continues to champion Korean art and provide support for Korean artists in the European art world.

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